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SM64Steel porta reel post-designed to hold one or more porta reels for fast efficient grazing systems.cat10p1.gif - 1.63 K
SM190AStandard HD porta reel. Made with a strong galvanized metal frame and handle. Features a tough durable plastic hub and positive mechancial lock. Will hold over 1640 ft. polywire or 660 ft. poltape.cat10p2.gif - 1.60 K
SM190BExtra large HD porta reel. Strong metal frame and handle. Will hold up to 2640 ft. of polywire, or 1320 ft. of polytape.cat10p3.gif - 1.75 K
SM191AStandard geared porta reel. New galvanized metal frame product with 5 year plastics guarantee, 3 to 1 gear ratio, the fastest in the industry. Reel rotates same direction as the handle. Easily holds 660 ft. polytape, 1640 ft. 6 strand polywire or 1320 ft. 9 strand polywire. White cat10p4.gif - 1.95 K
SM191BExtra large geared porta reel with galvanized metal frame. All the features of the SM191A reel plus the extra size to hold 1-1/3 to 1-1/2 times more polywire or polytape. White hub.cat10p5.gif - 1.74 K
SM19212 Volt porta reel winder specially designed for use on self insulated reels. Improves winding time up to 4 times. Can be mounted to a four wheeler.cat10p6.gif - 1.38 K


All products come with polywire or polytape already wound on reel for your convenience.
SM301-O660' 6 strand polytape w/reel (orange)cat10p7.gif - 2.50 K
SM301-W660' 6 strand polytape w/reel (white).
SM3021650' 6 strand polywire w/reel (white only).
SM303-O1320' 9 strand polywire w/reel (orange).
SM303-W1320' 9 strand polywire w/reel (white).
SM304-O2640' 9 strand polywire w.XL reel (orange)
SM304-W2640-9 strand polywire w/XL reel (white).
All products come with polywire or polytape already wound on reel for your convenience.
More Products
SM901Pre-Wound 3 Reel Multiwinder - with 3 x 660' Polytapecat10p8.gif - 3.12 K
SM903Pre-Wound 3 Reel Multiwinder - with 3 x 1320' of 9 strands stainless steel Polywire. Winds all 3 reels at once and each reel has independent clutch for improved winding time.
SM904Pre-Wound 3 in 1 Reel - 3 x 660' of 6 strands stainless steel polywire. Three in one self insulated reel. Portable fence on one reel. Ideal for the sheep and goat farmers. cat10p9.gif - 2.34 K

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