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SM65Standard poly step-in white post. Ideal for portable and temporary fences. Eight (8) fence wire clips molded into post. 50/ctn.
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SM197Heavy duty poly Tredaline post (new & improved design). Allows for 36" high portable fence with eight (8) wire space options plus four (4) special clips for 2" polytape. Fast secure clipping system - WILL NOT snag polywire or polytape. Molded from a heavy duty UV treated all weather outdoor polymer. Maintains material characteristics under stress or in either high or below zero temperatures. "H" section design with 9" hi-tensile steel ground pin, molded 5" into base and foot pad. Blue for easy identification. 50/ctn. cat11p2.gif - 2.42 K
SM63Round fiberglass rod post 3/8" x 3'. Won't rust. Superior to re-bar for temporary fence. Packed and sold 20/bdl.
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SM67Round fiberglass rod post 3/8" x 4'. 20/bdl.
SM69Round fiberglass rod post 3/8" x 5'. 20/bdl. Ideal for line posts for semi-permanent polywire fences, self insulating. Flex upon impact. Easy to drive.
SM68Pigtail clips. Use on rod post for fast temporary fencing. Now package 50/bag.
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SM85Snap on 3/8" plastic clip post. 50/bag.


SM262Drive through gate. This very popular gate will adjust from 13 ft. to 19 ft. Complete with electric streamers for positive stock control.cat11p5.gif - 1.93 K
SM123HD gate handle. Features extra large flash plates and non-slip grip (spring loaded). Available in orange, blue, black, and white.cat11p6.gif - 1.14 K
SM122Econo gate handle. Black only.cat11p7.gif - 1.12 K
SM58Spring gate with HD gate handle. Will cover gaps up to 16 ft. Features unique swivel activator.cat11p8.gif - 1.45 K
SM58WWhite spring gate for better visibility. Covers 16ft. gap and features swivel activator.cat11p9.gif - 1.45 K
SM58XLExtra long spring gate with HD gate handle. Features unique swivel activator. To handle gaps up to 20 ft.cat11p10.gif - 1.45 K
SM59Polytape gate with HD gate handle. 1-1/2" wide polytape with 12 strand stainless steel wires for conductivity. Adjusts up to 17 ft. Features swivel activator. Maximum visibility.cat11p11.gif - 1.34 K
SM55Gate activators. Makes electric fence gate hookup easy with positive electrical contact. Comes insulator, joint clamp and electric plate.cat11p12.gif - 1.10 K
SM165Screw in gate handle anchor. Best used in grazing systems and multiple gate situations.cat11p13.gif - 1.15 K
SM53Tape gate kit. Hardware package to make your own tape gates. Use with SM501, 1-1/2" polytape. Includes gate handle, gate activator and two tape gate buckles.cat11p14.gif - 1.26 K
SM181Handle hook. Use with polywire or polytape for dead end connection. cat11p15.gif - 1.22 K


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