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SM30Porcelain donut insulator. Corner insulator for all types of electric fence.cat14p1.gif - 2.10 K
SM37Super Strain Porcelain Insulator. Comrnonly called "BulInose" insulator.cat14p2.gif - 1.81 K
SM31Porcelain nail on insulator.cat14p3.gif - 1.78 K
SM32Nail on plastic (pinlock design) insulator features unique "diarnond" shaped shield. Made of high density, UV stabilized plastic.cat14p4.gif - 1.81 K
SM33Our most popular (dual purpose) insulator. Can be used to nail to wood post or fits large steel "T" post. Extra high quality. Field life estirnated to be up to 10 years. Features pinlock design.cat14p5.gif - 2.44 K
SM34Fits SMALL rnetal "T" post ONLY or can be used to nail to wood post. Pinlock design.cat14p6.gif - 1.89 K
SM35Snap on steel "T" post insulator for general electric fencing. NOT recommended for permanent Hi-Tensile fencing.cat14p7.gif - 2.26 K
SM435" T Post Extender Insulator - Fits steel "T" post. Holds wire 5" off the fence so that it shocks the animal before he reaches your fence.cat14p8.gif - 2.19 K
SM44"T" Post Topper Insulator - Keeps animals off the top of fence and also away from jagged edges on all types of posts.cat14p9.gif - 1.99 K
SM363 piece screw on rod insulator for steel rod post. Fits all sizes from 3/8" to 7/8". Made of hard long life plastic.cat14p10.gif - 2.10 K
SM3820" wrap around insulator. Popular in many areas when pulling electric wire around corners. Also can be used as end strain insulator. cat14p11.gif - 2.05 K


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