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SM394" tube insuIator. Can be used as an insulator when other insulators are not practical. NOT recommended for long life fences as moisture and other debris tend to collect in tubing, creating shorts. cat15p1.gif - 1.21 K
SM121Nail on plastic (claw design) insulator features unique "diamond" shaped shield. Made of high density UV stabilized plastic for long life.cat15p2.gif - 1.15 K
SM455" Wood post extender insulator (nails inluded). Holds wire 5" off the fence so that it shocks the animal before he reaches your fence.cat15p3.gif - 1.59 K
SM129Wood post screw in insulator. Best for temporary/portable electric fence gates. Screws into trees, old barns, etc.cat15p4.gif - 1.36 K
SM222Glass filled polyester insulator will withstand very high strains. Has rounded edges which makes it easy on hands and for wire tying. Will not chip or crack.cat15p5.gif - 1.42 K
SM222BBlack strain insulator. Designed for medium strain fences but still maintains all of the other features of the white end strain.cat15p6.gif - 1.37 K
SM46Chainlink extender insulator. Easily convert your chainlink fence to electric fence. Holds electric fence wire 4" inside or outside of chainlink fence to keep animals off fence.cat15p7.gif - 1.21 K
SM42"T" Post polytape insulator. Fits all steel "T" Posts. Accomodates 1/2" to 1-1/2" polytape.cat15p8.gif - 1.26 K
SM47Wood Post polytape insulator. One nail installation for ease (nails included). Accommodates 1/2" to 1-1/2" polytape.cat15p9.gif - 1.43 K


SM171Heavy Duty offset with plastic pinlock insulator. Offset brackets made of extra heavy gauge spring steel with opposing legs for better stability. Will offset hot wire approximately 10-12 inches from existing fence.cat15p10.gif - 1.57 K
SM62Heavy Duty offset w/SM30 porcelain insulator. Offset brackets are great for bull paddocks and renovating old fences.cat15p11.gif - 1.21 K


SM94Lever operated HD cutoff switch. Utilizes stainless steel contacts for positive power connection.cat15p12.gif - 1.36 K
SM94HDExtra heavy duty cutoff switch. Knife type switch. All stainless steel design.
SM93Large solid zinc joint clamps. Will secure up to 6 wires. Features unique grooved bolt.cat15p13.gif - 1.21 K

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