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SM95 - Fence warning sign. Large, highly visible universal warning symbol made of long life plastic. Clip on design.


SM50Wire bending tool for fast neat wire wraps when wrapping all types of wire. Mandatory when tying Hi-Tensile wire. IMAGE
SM51HD side cutter pliers - Super high quality fence pliers with cutters on outside edge for neat close-in cuts. image
SM210Imported multipurpose fence pliers IMAGE
SM1-2 NEW-Crimping sleeve for 14 or 16 gauge smooth wireimage
SM2-3Crimping sleeves for 12-1/2 gauge hi-tensile wire IMAGE
SM2-3XLExtra Iong wire sleeve for 12-1/2 gauge wire. IMAGE
SM3-4Crimping sleeves lor 14 gauge barbed wire & 10-11 gauge smooth wire. IMAGE
SM4-5Crimping sleeves for 12-1/2 gauge barbed wire and 9 gauge smooth wire. IMAGE
SM3-4TCrimping wire line taps - Best for electrical hookups. IMAGE
SM4-5TCrimping wire line taps - two open ends for electrical hookups. IMAGE
SM52B Crimping tool, (blue) crimps all above crimping sleeves.IMAGE
SM550EZ Pull 4 in 1 tool, cuts Hi-Tensile wire, crimps 2-3 sleeves, pulls fence staples and strips underground cable.IMAGE
SM87All purpose round post driver with handles. Used for steel "T" post and/or polyvinyl "T" post. IMAGE
SM300Chain Type Fence stretcher with wire grabs. Contractor model. IMAGE
SM350 Ratchet Bar type fence stretcher. IMAGE
SM183Easy barbed wire unroller handle.IMAGE
H508-44' Steel Stretcher - A "must have" tool for anyone pulling all types of net wire. Comes with drop wedges for securing wire.IMAGE
H508-66' SteeI Stretcher
H508-88' Steel Stretcher

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