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Quick "T" Post Bracing

QS-R - Quick T Post Bracing - Floating Corner Brace Kit (7 piece kit) The easiest way to build one floating corner brace for "T" posts. Construct in twelve minutes, one man operation. The corner can be at any angle, with any angle brace, on any terrain grade. Ideal for building gence in remote and rocky areas. Speeds up fence building and elimnates the neeed for expensive wood post bracing.
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QS-E - Quick T Post Bracing - Floating End Brace Kit. Builds 2 end braces or one tradiitional H Brace. (8 piece kit). All you need is a post driver and a hammer. Takes only five minutes. Use on heavy duty metal "T" posts. It's strong and durable, as permanent or temporary as you wish and completely reusable.
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