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Joules are a measurement of energy, One (I) joule is one watt for one second. A watt is volts x amps). It is the measure of "Kick" of a pulse. However. since each manufacturer measures and determines their own joule rating and many different factors are involved such as:

  1. Was the rating determined at the energizer or on the fence line.
  2. At what load was the measurement taken. l00 ohms, 500, ohms,
  3. 1000 ohms, or even 50000 ohms of resistance. (50000 ohms means no fence connected to energizer)
  4. Was the test made at the end of a fence line, if so how long and
    of what size or gauge was the wire.
Until such time as an independent testing agency does exactly the same test on all energizers, domestic or imported, the rating of fence energizer performance is nothing more than a general comparison.

We are rating our energizer with a minimum and a maximum joule rating for each model. It will perform in this range depending on the many different conditions that occur on each farm or ranch as outlined in the explanation above.

      Livestock control using electric fencing depends on:
    1. Soil fertility and soil moisture.
    2. Length of fence wire and size (gauge).
    3. Vegetation growth on fence line (weed and grass. etc)
    4. MOST IMPORTANT!...Use a fence energizer good enough to overcome any or all of the above!

Another misconception about performance of electric fencers is how many miles of fence will it electrify. Many manufacturers blatantly advertise their energizer will power 25 or even 50 miles of fence, the question should be, not how much fence will it power, but will it control animals under this condition. If performance in miles is a concern to you. a good rule of thumb is to multiply the joule rating by 5 and this should give you the approxirnate miles of fence the unit is designed for. Using this rule, our energizer will power the computed miles of fence and give good stock control.

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