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#732Sure Latch - One handed operation. Latch will release to allow gate to swing either direction. Can be opened ftom horse-back.IMAGE
#733Quick Latch - Squeeze and twist open. Stock proof.IMAGE
#734Kiwi Horse Gate Latch - 12" chain length, zinc plated.IMAGE
#735Ring Type Horse Gate Latch -5" chain length, zinc plated.IMAGE


All Jobe Valves are desiged to fill any tank which needs to maintain a constant water level

Float Valves
J-19AJobe bottorn & side entry float-non siphon.IMAGE
J-19BJobe side entry float.IMAGE
J-19CJobe side entry top float.IMAGE
J-19DJobe bottom entry float.IMAGE
RL600Float assembly for Rubbermaid stock tanks or add UA 600 and adapts to ANY stock tank.IMAGE
H100Hudson Valve - Rust proof, anti-siphon, no float ball, no lever arm - virtually indestructible.IMAGE
W5001/2" High capacity float valve - reliable solid brass.IMAGE
W7503/4" High capacity float valve - solid brass.IMAGE

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