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  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY - We're so confident about the quality of our energizers we've extended the 2 yr. warranty to a full 3 years.
  • HIGHLY VISIBLE VOLTAGE INDICATOR - Constantly monitors fence voltage. Indicating any faults at a glance instantly.
  • LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION - Ensures economical use of energy and long Itattery life for battery models.
  • LARGE WELL POSITIONED TERMINALS - No fiddling about. All Energizers have big easy to use color coded teminals and accept multiple wires for selective stock control.
  • EASY TO MOUNT - All Energizers are easily and securely mounted on a wall or post using the multifit options on the rear of case.
  • UNIQUE CYCLIC WAVE TECHNOLOGY - The patented Cyclic Wave provides a significant increase in performance. where it counts, on the fence.
  • NOT ONLY MORE POWER, BUT SAFER TOO - The Energizer range is one of the first in the world to comply with the tough new Australasian Safety Standards.
  • DESIGNED BY RESEARCH TO MEET YOUR NEEDS PERFECTLY - Before we sat down to design the Energizer range we researched the market to find out exactly what you wanted in an Energizer.
  • EASY TO READ L.E.D. DISPLAY - Displays the voltage on the fence at a glance.
  • BUILT TOUGH TO LAST - The robust and reliable design together with the sturdy supertough polycarbonate construction, will ensure years of trouble free service.
  • LOW INTERFERENCE - The Cyclic Wave technology exceeds all requirements with regard to interference to radio and other electrical equipment, thereby not requiring other suppression equipment, putting more power on the fence.
Cyclic Wave Technology ensures maximum efficiency, shocking and stopping power. Cyclic Wave Pulse Technology is a single cycle wave form, similar to an unbroken wave at a beach which rises to a very high peak with each pulse.

When the power is delivered to the fence, the process then repeats itself continuously without the sharp edges of older style energizers and produces the optimum energy and voltage on the fence required for the most effective stock control.

All battery energizers can be powered by a 12 volt battery and may also be used in conjunction with a solar panel.

Battery energizers incorporate a new technology which controls the power consumption from the battery. Most standard battery energizers consume poweer from the battery at a fixed rate regardless of the loading on the fenceline.

Our new battery energizers automatically adjust their power requirements depending upon the fence condtion. If the loading on the fence is light then the energizer automatically adjusts to consume only the minimum of power it requires to keep the voltage up on the fenceline. As the load increases on the fence the energizer will automatically adjust its power drawn from the battery to ensure the voltage remains high on the fence. This feature will greatly extend the life of the battery.

Replacement modules and parts are available on all models. Refer to your price list for reorder numbers and prices.

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