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SM40Neon fence line tester - very durable five light.
Best inexpensive fence tester.
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SM41Stockmaster digital voltmeter. Features LCD digital read out, shock proof hand held housing. Includes 9 volt transistor battery. cat7p2.gif - 2.47 K
SM41EEcono Digital Volt Meter. LCD digital read out. (battery not included)


SM21DVoltage surge suppressor - Use with 110 volt units, helps protect against high line power surges. cat7p3.gif - 5.71 K
SM22LTwin tower lightning arrestor, use with lightning chokes and additional ground rods. Helps protect against lightning strikes on fence line. cat7p4.gif - 2.48 K
SM23Lightning Choke Kit - Includes lightning arrestor, joint clarnp, choke spring and insulator. Increases efffectiveness of lightning arrestor. cat7p5.gif - 5.07 K
SM26HD Jumper Lead with XL no shock clips. Makes temporary fence connections fast and easy.
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SM26-3Triple Jumper Lead - Use when jumping two or more fence lines. Best used in strip grazing when using multi-wire fences. cat7p7.gif - 1.94 K
SM124Flood gate limiter, wire in electric flood gate limiter to areas prone to flooding. This 'will restrict loss of power on main fence line when flooding occurs. cat7p8.gif - 1.69 K
SM24Galvanized ground rod 112" x 6 ft. with HD claanp. Tie in tandem at least 10' apart when more grounding is needed.
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SM27Heavy Duly ground rod clamp. Secures wire to ground rod with 3/8" tap bolt. cat7p10.gif - 1.95 K
SM25Ground rod l/2" x 6ft. heavy gaLvanized ground rod only. Use two or more when using high performance energizers. cat7p11.gif - 0.94 K
SM28Water gap galvanized chain (100' per ctn). cat7p12.gif - 1.27 K
SM29Fence line voltage alarm. Provides a siren and or alarm when a set voltage drops on fence. Best used in security fence systems cat7p13.gif - 2.65 K
DB68Duckbill Earth Anchor -Strong galvanized alloy anchor attached to a galvanized 42" steel cable and a loop. Easily drives inlo ground. Used to anchor down post in low areas. cat7p14.gif - 1.55 K

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