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Temporary fencing gives you the versatility to strip graze, make temporary paddocks or pens, protect trees, gardens or other areas from unwanted damage caused by rodents and other animals.

Strip grazing has a number of benefits: Strip grazing is ideally suited to cattle and sheep but can also be used for other animals such as horses and goats. Cattle can be strip grazed using a single wire. If mixed aged cattle are being grazed together then two wires may be required.

Generally the fence is moved daily and the distance it is moved is based upon the number of anirnals being grazed and on the quality and quantity of available pasture.

A back fence should also be erected to stop the animals from returning to the areas already grazed, thus allowing a quicker recover of the pasture. See diagram below.

Sheep and Goats can be grazed in the same manner as cattle but require three wires instead of a single wire. Alternatively, portable netting such as Flexinet may be used.

Stafix, Polytape, and Polywire are ideally suited to temporary fencing as they are extremely flexible and light, yet very strong and they wind easilv on to fence reels.
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