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Cattle King Chutes

Manual or Hydraulic Squeeze Chute

All Cattle King chutes have these features

  • All steel construction
  • Drop side kick panels
  • Positive Locks hold drop gates
  • Replaceable HD ratchet gears
  • Split tailgate (scissor type)
  • Front exits are standard
  • All Cattle King chutes are portable on optional chute trailer
  • Available in left or right side exit
  • All chutes available with optional AI/palpation cage
  • Extra long, even for the largest cattle
  • Extra weide for easy entry and exit
  • Five double drop gates on each side of chute
  • Both sides squeeze equally-keeps animals upright and centered at all times
  • All chutes and trailers are constructed with square tubing
  • Head catch is constructed with 2-1/2" square tubing with HD sheeted steel wing covers
  • Squeeze panel widths are 8", 11", 16", 22" (adjustable at bottom)

Portable squeeze chute Squeeze chutes can be configured to solve just about any cattleman's needs!! Squeeze chute

Specificatons CK HD Squeeze Chute Hydraulic Chute
Overall length 96" 96"
Inside Length 86" 88"
Height overall 91" 91"
Height inside 72" 72"
Access width open 26" bottom - 36" top 26" bottom - 36" top
Base width 48" 48"
Adj. squeeze side width 8", 11", 16", 22" 8", 11", 16", 22"
Main frame size 2-1/2" HD square tube 2-1/2" HD square tube
Contoured stanchions 2-1/2" HD square tube 2-1/2" HD square tube
Tailgate (scissor type) 2" HD square tube 2" HD square tube
Floor (HD steel plate) 26" x 86" 26" x 86"
Controls Option L or R Option L or R
Side exit Option L or R Option L or R
Weight 1520 lbs. 1660 lbs.

Squeeze chute for cattle

Ordering Info:
CK901 Cattle King Chute



CK902 Cattle King Chute with side exit
CK904 Hydraulic Chute with side exit
CK925 Cattle King Head Gate
CK950 Portable chute trailer (less tires)
CK960 AI/Palpation Cage
CK961 AI/Palpation Cage (sheeted)

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